One Night Kisses

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You just met a cute girl, spent a few hours talking, exchanged a few phones numbers and now it’s time to make the move. You’re looking for one-night stands, but not necessarily to have a one night stand with him. It can be nerve wracking to kiss him for the first time, especially when you’ve never kissed anyone before. There are lot of little things to consider, but one of the most important is safety.

Since you are not an animal who needs to be motherly by nature and you do not know your new woman well, let’s keep the focus on safety.

When One Night Kissing Playful

While some people would suggest going on a group date for a more relaxed atmosphere, there are still a number of things to look out for when one-night-stand kisses are involved.

Give Him an Space of His OwnOne thing that we don’t want him to do is pull away when he thinks the moment is right to kiss. Remember that no matter how much you like each other, there is always a certain time and frequency to glancing at someone in a intimate way. Never be the one to initiate it.

Overthinking the Momen tIf you’re the first to pull away, try not to overthink it. One night stands can happen when you least expect it, so there is no need to feel stressed. If he pulls away, just glance at him from under your lashes and give him a wink. That should be enough to get his head spinning!

She Would Type an apologyIf you make a conscious effort to draw in all the male attention even though you really don’t have to, then that can be a bad thing. He may start thinking of you as someone who is desperate to have a one night stand because all his friends are going home with guys. Try to avoid being the topic of tonight conversation all together.

The Look that Drives Him CrazyFifty-four percent of women said they found a woman increase their rate of interest when a man targeted at his single male friend. The look, the suggestion of sexuality, and being able to direct one’s gaze at a woman. Even a simple wink could drive him wild.

He’s No Fool! This is the First Step A man needs to know you’re just a guarantees of a good time. Don’t be against giving him an ego boost. He will love every minute of it. Let his friends call you his number one attractive buddy Female companions do this often in the car. It will work if he’s a bit player, but not necessarily. Be assured of the sweet talks you’ll be sending him.

Live in the Present No matter how long you’ve been dating, woman should always look forward to the next date or encounter with you. Try to have fun with the girl. Pick out something you’re both into. If it’s a stand, follow it. But if it’s something based on an already established interest, give it your best shot. Then put a little effort into knowing to have it so stimulating a performance from his end.

Statistics show that almost half of all women watching at a theatre seat foot long, three or four feet apart. Statistics also indicate that it’s the extra inch of height that a woman can find attractive. It’s the same rule for women. One out of ten men find height to be an additional feature, so if you’re willing and able to play up your assets without making it obvious, he’ll find you appealing and a keeper.

Keep it Pretty! It has been proven that women want a man who takes care of her appearance, knows how to dress, is healthy and clean, and is confident. You don’t have to look like She-Ra yet you don’t have to be a raving beauty either. Keep a happy face, and smile often. Be confident in who you are because this is all that it takes to drive a woman wild. Or you can just try this with an escort who knows how to boost your confidence and make you feel like a king. I tried with a very nice girl from and it was awesome!

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