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Details on the Knitting and Stitching Show in London

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It is the UK’s biggest event for all those who love textile craft, and it will be held at Alexandra Palace, with hundreds of features, as well as exhibitors who will be selling supplies. It is the definitive exhibition for knitting and yarn. They’re passionate about sewing skills which is why the jam-packed talk program […]

2019 Dates for UK Fibre and Yarn Festivals

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If you are keen to know the dates for yarn festivals and plan a great day out, you’re probably a crocheter who’s keen to see inspirational and beautiful yarn and absorb the color. If you are alone, you can take along a beautiful girl to have fun with, as these days it is easy to […]

A calendar of the top Textile Events and Workshops

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Share your event within our international community of artists and enthusiasts in fiber, and design and submit any workshop and opportunities so we can add them to the calendar. It’s still a new year with new fashion shows, so here’s a list of trade shows where you can source trims, meet factories, printers and production-focused […]

4 Textile Artists making fabrics come to life

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The practice of weaving is one of the oldest forms of technology and textile art has undergone a renaissance as artists have pushed the boundaries of textile, as well as art, marking a turning point through feminists like Miriam Schapiro, who embraced techniques relegated to women’s crafts, such as quilting. Many early pieces were made […]